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Applications for races
ARC permit (Affiliated Clubs) - Form 003A

MS Word   PDF

ARC permit application (Associate members) -
Form 003B

MS Word   PDF

 Fee Schedule for associate member Races 



Other ARC Forms in PDF format :-

ARC Minimum Standards form - ARC 004  (31KB) (Road)

ARC Minimum Standards form - ARC 004 CC&Trail  (31KB) (Trail/ XC)

ARC Post Event Information:-    05A ( Affiliated)      05B (Associates)

ARC Course measurement Process  (150KB)

ARC Course Measurement Application - ARC 007 (149KB)

ARC Event Planning and Risk Assessment  (77KB)

ARC Medical provisions guide (20KB)

Home Office Good Practice Safety Guide  (1.3MB)

Dogs at ARC Permitted Events  (1.3MB)

Events held in public parks & spaces:
Additional safeguarding considerations (150KB)